Thanks for all your help and kindness, I was grateful for your honesty, support, encouragement and am that much better for it

Board Director, NatWest

Sharon has had a hugely positive influence on my life. My confidence has gone from a 3 to an 8. Whenever I leave here I feel brilliant, enthused and excited....... My sessions with Sharon have been priceless - I feel like a different person. I can’t thank her enough!

Lesley, Head of Finance, Hugo Boss

Great day, skilled facilitation from Lucy and Sharon, I leave feeling refreshed and renewed......This is a no-brainer for any director who wants time to review, refresh and renew

Reflection Day participants

A major skill that the workshop has taught me is the ability to reframe situations which has opened my mind. I’m able to step back from situations, assess them and view them differently.

Diane, Account Director, Workshop participant

It’s a great day, well planned and thoughtful with plenty of practical things to come away with...... A fantastic and supportive environment for really helping to clarify and make leaps in our thinking. A great start to the year!.

Reflection Day participants

I would highly recommend Sharon, she is very easy to work with. I have felt at ease in being honest and open with Sharon in a way which I don’t display to a lot of other people. I understand now the link between the way I act, behave and react in certain situations.

Lee, Post Office Business Partner

Well thought through programme with creative facilitators. Thank you Lucy and Sharon, these days are an invaluable source of support. A huge source of motivation and rescue (in some cases).

Coaching Training participant

Sharon has a quality of listening that has proven to be life changing, she has elegantly guided me to recognise the truth of who I am and offers real support as I continue my journey.

Jan Collis, Holistic practitioner

Sharon Baker

Our Coaching Approach

We use coaching to create genuine and lasting change – at an individual, team and company level.

We all know that today’s economic climate is more challenging than ever. In order for companies to flourish, we have to deliver more for less to our clients, have robust processes and excellent customer service. We need efficient working models and great people, we have to give better value and be more creative than our competitors. But how do we do this?

According to the CIPD over 70% of organisations use coaching to give them the edge. Coaching and leadership development helps to bring out the very best in you and your employees, improving relationships, communication, decision-making, leadership skills and productivity within the business. We coach creative agencies and large organisations like BAE Systems, NatWest, and the Post Office to help them achieve tangible results.

What We Offer and What You Get

We take a holistic approach, with packages tailored to your needs:

Reflection Days for the executive team
This is an opportunity for the executive team to take stock and get clarity on the direction of the business
. We structure the day with your aims in mind and facilitate the discussions throughout. We keep the group focussed and encourage collaborative thinking and collective decision making. The aim is for participants to emerge as an energised  team with a clear vision ahead of them, knowing what practical steps are to be taken. Reflection Days are stand alone days delivered at your offices or off site.

One to one coaching for individuals
Around 85% of recipients of one to one coaching say it improved their performance*. How does it do this? Well, we believe it’s largely down to the self awareness and the greater sense of purpose that emerges when strengths are realised and perceptions are challenged. Underwritten by psychology, our coaching and leadership development can improve communication, relationships,  decision making and the ability to empower teams. Coaching sessions are typically 2 hours a month, and we offer email and phone contact between sessions.

Training internal coaches within the organisation
Training up internal coaches ensures the whole organisation can reap the benefits coaching can bring, at an affordable cost. A coaching culture allows more open and honest communication within the organisation which typically leads to employees feeling safer,  challenging themselves, taking more responsibility and enjoying work more. We deliver a bespoke package of 3 days over 3 months to embed the learning and attitude change. 

Discovery Workshops to energise every person in the business
You can choose from a wide variety of fun workshops aimed at the whole company. Discovery Workshops cover topics such as identifying our values and strengths, being more resilient,  improving relationships,  better communication, goal setting,  how to stay well and many more!

Our coaches

Sharon Baker is a qualified coach studying to MA level, with 20 years of experience in personal development and corporate communication. Before becoming a coach, she delivered employee engagement videos with award winning agencies for organisations such as BT, NatWest, O2, Coca-Cola, Sainsbury’s, Aviva, BAE systems, National Grid, Rio Tinto and many others. Having run a production company, she understands the challenges faced by leaders and employees within organisations and she is totally inspired by the opportunities to support and help deliver real change. For many years she coached CEO’s and board level executives on presentation skills and led group training in media and communication skills.

She has a Psychology degree, an NLP Diploma and a degree in Fine Art which allows her to bring oodles of creativity to her coaching. This combination of business experience, psychological awareness and creativity enables her to see challenges from different perspectives and she encourages clients to free up their thinking to effect radical change.

Lucy Hare is a qualified coach, a coach supervisor, and a coach trainer with one of the UK’s top training institutions. She is also a performing musician. She uses her background in the performing arts to influence her coaching, specialising in creative approaches. She runs group development courses and creative reflection days for entrepreneurs, performing arts academies and individual performers.

Alongside her coaching and training work, she also works as a double bass player, performing with the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the Proms, touring the world with the BBC Concert Orchestra, and backing artists like Stevie Wonder, Grace Jones, Tom Jones and Gary Barlow.

* Institute of Learning and Management, Creating a Coaching Culture 2011