Confident Managers - Fly Don't Walk
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Confident Managers

Confident Managers…. help retain talented people

It is said that ‘people leave managers, not jobs’. According to Gallup 50% of people leave jobs because of a ‘bad’ boss.

In the creative sector, especially, managing people is a by-product of being in a senior position, and it’s not surprising that many feel they don’t have the skills to support and empower others. But of course it’s vitally important that they do, as performance and morale can suffer and retention can fall.

Increasing managers’ confidence in people management skills is a cost-effective way of increasing performance, employee engagement and embedding a culture of collaboration within the day to day running of the business.

The skills cover:

  • Active listening  and communication skills
  • Understanding the psychology of interaction
  • How to give feedback constructively
  • Relationship building; developing empathy and respecting difference
  • How to empower and motivate employees
  • How to influence; managing up

We run these as a series of experiential, creative and fun sessions. 95% of participants describe the training as ‘excellent’.