Fly Don't Walk | Leadership Development for Creative Agencies
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Fly, Don’t Walk develops confident leaders who inspire, empower and motivate your talent.

What we do

We believe that leadership is about people. It is about authenticity, emotional intelligence and confidence.

We develop your leaders to empower your people so they are engaged, are courageously themselves and do their best work.

This enables the team to grow accounts, retains talent and improves communication, collaboration and culture.


And in a highly competitive industry, gives you the necessary edge to thrive.

How we do it

Drawing from 20 years of experience working with corporations and in creative agencies, we use proven leadership programmes and a creative approach, to unleash the hidden power and performance of your leaders so they bring out the best in your people.

Why us

We have agency backgrounds and use proven creative and experiential models that create long term change.

We are highly qualified and experienced.

Our approach is action oriented.

It’s not fluffy! Clients leave with new thinking and tangible tools that clients say transforms the workplace.

People are human beings… being human.

We want everyone to bring their whole selves to work, to help each other do their best, from the board to the switchboard.