Buzz sessions for employees - Fly Don't Walk
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Buzz sessions for employees

For energised employees

These sessions are creative, fun and interactive. They can be taken as standalone, or as a series of workshops, online or F2F.

These short sessions (90 mins – 3 hours) increase participants self-awareness, confidence, motivation and empowerment, by up to 150%. Employees report feeling more valued, more engaged and more aligned as they discover that others share their challenges. Participants get the opportunity to think for themselves,  work in pairs and interact within the group – building relationships and sharing ideas.

Our most popular sessions are:

  • Creativity Boost – For the whole company 
  • Confidence Counts – Get your voice heard
  • Resilience – How to stay afloat
  • 5 ways to wellbeing – Flourish!
  • How to feedback constructively – Empower!
  • Strengths at Work – Discover your power
  • Goal Setting for Motivation – Fly your kite

We have many others – just ask us.

“I’ve experienced a lot of creativity workshops and in all honesty, today’s was one of the most useful, fun, practical and well run that I have attended anywhere”.