Leadership Development  - Fly Don't Walk
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Leadership Development 

For Authentic Leaders

This is for you, if you want your leaders to act like leaders, to see the big picture, create a shared vision, take ownership and have more resilience. 

To fully embed leadership thinking and behaviour, we have to start with mindset change, so our approach enables leaders to come to their own insights. They generally become more confident, motivated and empowered and enjoy their role more.

This group programme is run in-house or as an open course, over a series of sessions. 

We run a highly successful course for emerging or established female leaders.

Typical content:

  • Aligning vision and purpose to the organisation.
  • Finding your own flexible leadership style.
  • Building relationships using confident communication.
  • Developing personal presence.
  • Empowering others and managing up.
  • Bespoke leadership skills to fit your competencies framework.

On average, delegates find that ‘confidence in leadership skills’ improves by 155%; ‘empowerment’ by 180% and ‘motivation to take action’ by 145%.