One to One Coaching - Fly Don't Walk
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One to One Coaching

For Leaders who Inspire

75% of UK companies* use coaching to raise the performance of leaders.

Why? One to one coaching has a laser focus. It builds an individual’s self-awareness, embeds strengths and challenges blindspots to remove blockers to performance. When time is short, it can deliver a huge impact.

The organisation benefits from:

  • Clarity of vision and purpose
  • Clearer, more open communication from leaders
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Higher productivity and decisiveness
  • More focus and confidence
  • More resilience, creativity and adaptability
  • More trusting relationships which builds a collaborative culture

These sessions are typically 2 hours every month and can be rolled out to large numbers of people.

One to one coaching is powerful and has to be experienced, so do contact us for a free chemistry session…


93% of clients report ‘greatly improved’ performance.


*CIPD, Learning and Development 2015